Audio Visual Rental Equipment

Some producers believe that video quality is the most important aspect of any type of video production, but anyone in the industry knows just how important audio is in their video productions. Whether you are producing feature fi lms, promotional videos, documentaries, or wedding videos, the quality of your sound track immediately details how your audience will respond. Bad audio will give the impression of amateur work, while high quality audio immediately resonates professional work. 
We offer all the finest names in audio and sound recording such as: 

    • Grass Valley, 
    • JVC, 
    • International Audio Visual, 
    • Endelco, 
    • Intcomex, 
    • Sanyo, 
    • Danish Interpretation Systems. 

Our comprehensive media rental services include: Video Production, Specific event or media hardware rental needs such as

  • Lighting and Grip Equipment Rentals, 
  • High End Sound and Audio Equipment Rentals, 
  • Video Screens and Projectors, 
  • Digital Imaging, 
  • CD and DVD Mastering and Replication Services, 
  • Industrial Audio Video System Rentals, 
  • Corporate Event and Video Production Services, 
  • Webcasting, 
  • Digital Signage Rentals.