Trade Show & Exhibit Services

EventDeck is a rollable temporary flooring and pathway system that provides access, surface protection and decorative enhancement for special events and other functions.
EventDeck portable flooring is a high-impact polypropylene module that measures 4” x 12”. Modules snap together on all sides using our uniquely engineered intermodule connection system. Sections are durable, weather resistant and capable of  withstanding extraordinary loads and stresses, including the weight of cars, trucks and forklifts (with pneumatic tires).
Use EventDeck portable flooring for tent flooring and other special events.
EventDecks are ideal as stand alone floors or as a sub floor for carpet or turf. Staple or tape carpet and
synthetic turf right to EventDeck for the ultimate event flooring combination. Use it as a base for chairs, tables, and dance floors over grass, mud, dirt, asphalt, gravel, or other typical event venue surfaces.